Critical Bench Review

Critical Bench Review

Critical Bench Program 2.0 Product Review

Becoming stronger and gaining more lean muscles is definitely everyone’s dream especially for men. A lot of training programs and exercises have already been developed and recommended to help men develop great physique and stronger muscles. However, a lot of men today were still unsuccessful in their goals of becoming physically fit, strong, and healthy. If you are into weightlifting and you want a more effective technique to gain more muscles the faster but safer way, Critical Bench Program might be the one for you.

Critical Bench Program 2.0 by Mike Westerdal

One of the significant facts about the author and founder of this workout program is that Mike Westerdal was a skinny kid with asthma during his high school years and cannot even lift a 100-pound bench. However, through continuous workouts, trial and error on various training techniques, and determination, he was able to lift heavier bench and gain more muscles. In college, he was able to lift up to 452 pounds. Today, he is a certified trainer and has been competing in various weightlifting competitions.

Critical Bench Review

How Can Critical Bench Program 2.0 Help on Your Fitness Goals?

Some people spend a lot of time in the gym and train for years without positive results. With the Critical Bench training program, the author guarantees that you can increase your strength more effectively and faster and also gain more muscle mass at the same time. The program focuses on bench press exercise – which is the most effective form or technique to gain more muscles and build strength.

With bench press, you can add little amount of weight weekly by adding plates which usually weigh 2 ½ pounds. With other weightlifting exercises, you can only add plates, which weigh 5, 10 or more pounds. This will make increasing of level of exercise more difficult. With bench press, you can gradually add weight to your bench presses in 2 ½ pounds increment, which is very important in order to effectively and safely increase the level of your exercise gradually and regularly.

Adding weights to your bench presses is very crucial since muscles will only grow if you put strain on them. If your muscles are used to the level of weight you have been lifting, it will not build more muscles. With the Critical Bench Program, you can now gradually add weights and increase your bench press without overdoing it or pushing your muscles to the extreme.

What Can You Get from the Critical Bench Program 2.0?

When you buy the product, you will get the Critical Bench Program 2.0 eBook which contains the complete information about bench press techniques, how to do it, training parameters, and other significant info that will help you achieve those strong and lean muscles you dreamed of. Buyers will also get a complete set of customized training logs, which are sold separately before for $39.99 each. The product also comes with a DVD, which contains videos that will teach you the right and most effective techniques in bench pressing.

Critical Bench Review

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Product


  • Program can be fully customized to match different needs of the users since everyone have different body structures and needs.
  • Techniques and programs recommended are very easy to follow, and are based on scientific researches and studies.
  • Bench press does not require very expensive and bulky gym equipments like other workouts.
  • Also includes nutritional guides and lifestyle recommendations to best results.
  • Product is now on sale after 10 years which makes it very affordable.
  • Instead of spending thousands of dollars for the whole actual price, you can now buy the product for only $47 plus the complete set of activity logs to efficiently manage and track your progress.
  • Buyers can also get 60-day money back guarantee in case they find the product unsatisfactory.


  • You need to accurately and carefully follow the program to expect positive results.
  • Since bench press can become really mentally draining sometimes especially for beginners, a training partner is highly recommended.
  • Product is only for sale for a short period of time.

Critical Bench Program 2.0 – The Final Verdict

With the Critical Bench Program 2.0, you can learn a lot of things not only about effective bench press techniques but also about the most efficient way to build muscles, the importance of rest in building muscles, power-eating for the most successful workout, lifestyle recommendations, and more. Overall, this product is definitely highly recommended especially if you want to gain more muscles, have a leaner and better-looking body, and has tried a lot of workout routines but did not work. If you want to gain more strength, increase the amount of weight you can lift, and gain a more physically fit body at the same time, then the Critical Bench Program 2.0 will be worth the try.

Critical Bench Review


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